You should invest in NASDAQ: TSLA.  Here is why

Tesla now only has to set the final price that the buyer will pay. The decision phase is before any potential customer purchases a car. Tesla wants to pay attention to this. For this reason, outsourcing the store means providing buyers with a new driving experience, where sellers are not paid, but their salaries remain the same. The strategic position of the gallery (a crowded space inside a shopping mall) helps customers think about buying Tesla cars in their daily lives. You can also book your car by depositing it online.

Like channel distributors, there is no way to negotiate the price of a tag through this channel. Another major difference from all the traditional theatrical players in the electric vehicle industry is that Tesla manufactures and packs batteries in-house. Unlike other automakers in this segment, Tesla partnered with Panasonic to meet their needs and sold them to other gamers to meet their needs.

Further action for further up move in Tesla stock price

This is possible during GigaFactory. Under Tesla’s leadership, many other automakers have begun building their own battery cell manufacturing facilities or partnering with other players. Nissan will produce them in the UK. Ford is expanding battery research and development in partnership with the University of Michigan. As Tesla Powerwall did, many of them are adding internal markets to the good run of Tesla stock. Mercedes offers competitors the Tesla Powerwall, which will be launched in 2016. BYD supplies similar products in the B2B market.

Tesla has brought another innovation to its traditional business model, namely Tesla’s infrastructure and battery replacement services. To date, the main range of all-electric vehicles has always been short-range, so cars are only suitable for short distances and are primarily limited to city use. By integrating a large compact network with battery replacement efficiency in less than two minutes, Tesla reduces so-called range problems to zero and compares Tesla vehicles to tracking vehicles that run efficiently.

Tesla’s automobile manufacturing plant is located in Fremont, California. It serves the US market for the EU market and the recently renovated and expanded Tilburg plant in the Netherlands. In this factory components such as batteries and motors have been reunited to meet European standards. The Tesla Model S is sold in two different power levels, 60kWh and 85kWh (two engines, one front and one rear), with a range of 370km and 500km.You can get more information from tesla stock news.