What’s So Great about Paint Protection Film?

Every car owner dreams of owning it for at least a decade and still wants it to look like it just rolled out of the showroom. But, this can only be possible when the paint is heavily protected from the elements. You want to look for ways to keep the paint glossy and new while you enjoy your daily drive. Are there ways to protect your car from road dust, debris, sand and stone, or acid rain without storing in the garage? The answer to this question is yes. It is in the form of a paint protection film. Keep reading to learn everything about this clear car bra:

What is Paint Protection Film?

Daily driving causes damage to the paint job of your beloved vehicle. From small scrapes and scratches to significant dings and chips, your car’s paint can dull and crack or just fail to look as good as before. You can invest in a paint protection film to protect the look and value of your car. No matter the type of vehicle you drive, the protective film takes the damage, keeping the paint looking new and fresh. 

Paint Protection Cost

If you want to apply the film yourself, you must purchase the actual material and tools for a few hundred dollars, depending on your car’s size. However, it is not easy to apply the film yourself if you do not know what you are doing. But, if you plan on getting your vehicle done by an expert, then it can cost anywhere from $1, 300 to up to $7, 000 to cover the whole car. Depending on the kind of paint job your vehicle has, you can pick between a matte or glossy finish. 

Is the Protection Film Worth your Money?

If you want your vehicle to be perfect, with glossy paint and looks to preserve its value to the highest possible standard, Proshield pellicule pare pierre is worth it. It is almost unnoticeable, comes with self-healing properties to keep swirls away and comes with a warranty. It helps prevent rock chips, scrapes, pitting, and scratches from appearing. It is especially necessary if you own a luxury car because it helps you recoup a higher resale value on your car when you want to move on.

Evaluating your Film Installer Options

You must look for an experienced, high-quality installer associated with established brands on the market. Proshield invests heavily in its products and carries years of warranties. It can give you lots of example of work, delivers clean, almost undetectable installs, and has a general sense of pride in their work.