Tinted Car Films: Why Are They Important?

Many people are gravitating towards getting their car windows tinted these days as it is an easy decision that offers a host of benefits for those who own and travel regularly by car. Other than shielding your vision and preventing windshield glare from blinding headlights while driving, tinted car films offer many other advantages:

Security and Privacy

Apart from making your car look good, tinted windows also make sure that it is tough for others outside the car to peek in, providing privacy for those within. Any valuables left in the car are hidden with the help of dark tinted windows, so there are fewer chances of items in your car being stolen.

Blocking UV Rays

For those who drive for a long time, continuous and extended exposure to direct sunlight and UV rays can be hazardous to health. Having a tinted car film in your window protects you against such risks. This is because tinted windows block up to 99% of the UV rays so you don’t have to fret about any skin damage.

Keeps Car Cooler

Tinted windows are especially useful if you live in an area where there is a lot of sunlight and heat resulting from it. The dark film of the windows filter light and keep about 35% to 65% of the heat out, preventing your car interiors from becoming extremely hot due to sun exposure. This can cut down on fuel consumption due to excessive air conditioning.

Prevents Fading Upholstery

Continued exposure to the ultraviolet lights from the sun is the primary reason why the upholstery of your car fades over time. But as tinted windows blocks UV rays, it helps to keep the color of the upholstery and accents, especially darker ones, from fading and discoloration. This works very well for leather and vinyl and prevents cracking of the car interiors, making it look as good as new for the longest time possible.

Protection from Shattered Glass

Window films are designed in a way that in the case of an accident or if an object hits the glass, the glass will stay together and not shatter on top of the passengers within, avoiding injuries by broken shards of glass. It will also deter thieves from trying to break into your car through the tinted glass.

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