What We Gained from Buying a Used 2018 BMW X3 Model

The 2018 BMW X3 model caught our fancy since the time it was released. But as a luxury SUV model it wore a price tag that was quite beyond our reach to own, when it was new. When we nearly left the hope of driving home one, we received a notification from our much known BMW dealership near Arroyo Grande that a used version of the 2018 BMW X3 has arrived in their pre-owned inventory, and therefore it will be as good as new. We knew this is an opportunity we mustn’t lose. We did listen to our gut feeling, and till date we do not regret our decision.

So, if you ask what we gained from buying a used version of the 2018 BMW X3 model, we are more than just willing to share with you our experience.

Met Our High Expectations

As a pre-owned version, the 2018 BMW X3 we got to buy proved itself to be a luxury crossover in its true sense. It started delivering a ride quality from the first day that met our high expectations and is continuing to do so, even after a couple of years.

The model pre-owned 2018 BMW X3 series that we bought home rides on a 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine that serves us with a decent 248-horsepower and we know that it powers all the base models of that model series. We received all-wheel drive configuration as standard where an 8-speed automatic transmission pairs with the engine and responds to the road conditions with smooth gear shifts. Here we must mention that the said dealership also has yet another trim of the 2018 BMW X3 model that could raise 355-hp from a turbo-6 engine, equipped with an M-grade handling feature with relevant driving hardware. It too had the same all-wheel-drive configuration and the 8-speed automatic gearbox, but we decided to stick to the base form which was more than enough for all our drive purposes.

Our Ride Experiences

We have nearly spent hundreds of miles in our newly bought 2018 model year version of the Audi X3 model. What moved us every time was its smooth acceleration, especially during the highway merges and even during the city rides. Road handling with the 2018 BMW X3 model we found in the pre-owned category gave us a dynamic cornering capability, copious grip on the slippery road surfaces and a smooth body roll at the hair-pin turns. Thanks to the advanced strut and the multilink suspension that copes so well with its hybrid system carrying a special on-/off-road feature.

Cabin Space Utilization

The BMW X3 is a crossover that scored high marks in its luxury score. With an abundant interior space, this model could make the travelers relax to the core, thanks to the expanded shoulder and leg room for all the passengers that never ask anyone to adjust with the other. We came to know from the same BMW dealer in Arroyo Grande that we were fortunate to get the 2018 model year edition of the BMW X3 series since it was in this year that the crossover gained an extra cubic foot of space for the cargo items while seating up four adults with ease.