2021 Mazda 6 – A Sedan in Its Own Class

People who are looking to buy a sedan, there is no question that he/she will go through a Mazda 6 at least once. It is a sedan in its own class; be it the performance it offers or the classy looks. This is why people are lining up in Mazda Corona dealership to book their 2021 Mazda 6 version. If getting one is your goal, then go through some details to understand what makes it such a remarkable sedan.

Trims to check out

This family sedan is available in six variants for people to choose, according to their budget and need. The base trim for Mazda 6 is Sport, which costs $25,470. No other sedan in the market costs this low and offers the features Mazda 6 provides. The next base model is Touring that starts from $28,071.

The mid-tier section of Mazda 6 consists of two versions; Grand Touring at $31,170 and Grand Touring Reserve at $33,670. The two best models that every critic recommends buying when getting a Mazda 6 is either Carbon Edition priced at $33,945 or the Signature model priced at $36,895.

Most people opting for a family sedan should get the Signature trim as it offers ample luxurious amenities that make this reasonably priced car like any other luxury vehicle. However, the trim you want to get should be in your budget as well as meet your requirements.

Interior details

The Mazda 6 comes with an interior that helps it look and feel much costlier than the car is priced at. Upscale and classy is how you can describe the interior best. Also, features that are offered such as a large display for infotainment, smartphone integration with Wireless CarPlay option, and more assist this vehicle to be a sedan in its own class.

The cabin is best in its class without any question and is one of the reasons people fall in love with this vehicle. Also, it matches the classy yet snazzy exterior curves that just make it hard for people to not gawk at it.

Performance you receive

Two highly responsive engines are available for people to choose from. The first choice is a 2.5L one that can create 187-hp, while the turbocharged version will give 250-hp and torque of 320 lb-ft, better than its previous versions. Which will be more suitable that depends on you.

Both engines are paired with automatic transmission six-speed that allows people to change gear smoothly without any interruption. Fluid controls and more help people to enjoy plenty of driving satisfaction from this family sedan. Visit Corona Mazda dealership, if you are looking to experience this aspect by opting for a driving test.

There is no doubt that this is a sedan in its own class due to the specs involved in manufacturing this vehicle as well as the performance it provides. Also, its interior’s upscale design and comfort are something that is missing even from costlier family sedans in the market. Therefore, you must get 2021 Mazda 6, if purchasing a family sedan is on your list of cars to get.