Suvs Perform Better With Premium Tyres  

Tyres play an important part of a vehicle’s performance. Premium tyres will ensure that get the optimal performance and safety out of it. A high-performance car with bad tyres will not perform optimally if the tyres are not being able to deliver the necessary grip and traction for acceleration, braking and cornering.

Some will purchase SUVs due to their impressive safety record versus normal passenger cars. For the SUV to be able to deliver this good safety performance, the SUV will have to have a good set or premium tyres. The tyres will also have to be optimized both for the weather conditions and the terrain. You will need to have a good set of SUV winter tyres if you plan to drive in winter conditions. Even though the SUV summer tyres look like they can handle any terrain or weather it isn’t the case. The tyres will have to be approved for winter use, so that they have the correct rubber compound that will remain soft and agile even at low temperatures. The tread will also be optimized for ice, snow and slush. For these surfaces you will need to have a tread that will have either metal studs as in studded tyres or then gripping particles as is used in non-studded tyres.

There are also SUVall-season tyresthat are also winter approved. It is important to check that the tyres that you choose have the correct dimensions for your SUV and then that the tyres are correct for the terrain where you aim to drive. If you plan to drive off-road you will need to have SUV tyres that can handle the rougher terrain. The tires should have aramid reinforced sidewalls to protect them from side impacts.

It is not only the investment, but you also need to ensure that you maintain the tyres correctly. The key maintenance steps are to visually inspect the tyres for any damages. This is to check that you don’t have any visible damages to your SUV tyres. This can be done relatively quickly and it is mainly the sidewalls that are checked. Then you need to ensure that you have sufficient tread depth. The tread depth should not go below 4 mm as the key properties of the tyres will start to decrease, making it dangerous to drive.

If the tread is close to 4 mm you should already get you tyres as soon as possible.Once you go below 4 mm your braking distance will increase and you will have less stability when you drive. It is not safe to drive with these tyres anymore.

The tyre pressure should also be checked to ensure that you have sufficient air pressure. Check the car manual to see what tyre pressure you should have. Low tyre pressure causes the tyres to wear out faster, due to increased rolling resistance. The increased resistance also impacts negatively your fuel consumption.  You will end up spending more in gasoline.

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