Popular Exotic Cars You Can Rent Today

Do you know what an exotic car is in the first place?

Well, an exotic car is a hard-to-define term because several opinions and concepts exist. The term is used to describe many vehicles with different features that make the car genuinely exceptional or unique. 

If you are looking for an exotic car you can rent today, consider yourself lucky because there are several options that you can choose from. 


Bentley is a British automobile brand that manufactures luxury vehicles. Even though the initial efforts of the company didn’t necessarily focus on the development of fast cars, for the past few years, it has launched several interesting models, with Continental GT Speed being the most prominent ones, and also comes available as a convertible.

While its design doesn’t look like a racecar, the Continental GT is a superb example of how deluxe power and grand imagination look once blended together. With a 616 hp and 6.0 liter 12-cylinder engine, Bentley is a great option for car aficionados who are looking for speed and class.


Bugatti is a French brand that specializes in high-performance vehicles, originally launched in 1909 on the market, designed by the Italian Ettore Bugatti, and developed in Alsace, the then-German region. The company currently belongs to the Volkswagen Group with its vehicles manufactured in Molsheim, France.

The Veyron is the most extensively known model that the company designed, which is a super sports car with a 1,001 metric horsepower and a lavish design.


Ferrari is a luxury sports vehicle produced in Maranello, Italy. This is probably the most popular European brand of exotic cars and is also a clear symbol of high social status and opulence. The production of Ferraris started in 1929 and even though Fiat gradually bought the company, the main exotic car driving experience still remained.

The tradition of Ferrari was also preserved because the company continued to participate in races. These days, people who want to buy an exotic car that belongs to the brand can pick between several models including F12Berlinetta, 458 Italia, California T, FF, 458 Spider, LaFerrari, and 458 Speciale.


Lamborghini is also another renowned Italian car brand that is currently under the ownership of Volkswagen Group although it is still produced in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, which is the same town where the basic concept was born in. The 2000 financial crisis took its toll on the company when its sales saw a drop of 50%.

The Asterion LPI 910-4 hybrid car is currently the most famous model of the brand, which is also the company’s first attempt at manufacturing an eco-friendly car. The model provides 300-hp thanks to its electric engine combined with the 607-hp that originates from the internal combustion one.


Maserati is another Italian brand of luxury cars, which was originally produced in 1914 in Bologna. The brand is known for its expensive and extravagant models of exotic sports cars, and some of its available options today include the Ghibli, the Quattroporte, the GranCabrio, and the GranTurismo. The company announced two more upcoming models, the Maserati Alfieri and the Levante.

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