Extend Your Motorcycle’s Fuel Range With Fuel Bladders Or Fuel Cells


Have you ever needed to carry extra fuel for your motorcycle, but didn’t have the option of filling up at a gas station? For example, maybe you’re planning a long road trip or want extra peace of mind during an upcoming trip. In either case, it’s important to know that there are ways to extend your bike’s range without lugging around heavy jugs of gas or taking up precious space with bulky gas cans. Here are two options we recommend:

Have you ever needed to carry extra fuel?

Have you ever needed to carry extra fuel?

  • Perhaps you’re on a long trip and want to extend your bike’s range.
  • Maybe you’re out in the middle of nowhere and there aren’t any gas stations for miles around.
  • Or maybe you just love motorcycles, but don’t have the budget for one that can run forever without refueling (like the million-dollar Tamburini F1).

Gas cans and strapped-on jugs are the most common means of carrying extra fuel, but they’re not always convenient or safe.

Gas cans and strapped-on jugs are the most common means of carrying extra fuel, but they’re not always convenient or safe. Gas cans are heavy and difficult to carry, and it’s easy to spill if you don’t have a good grip on them as you ride along. Strapped-on jugs can be even more dangerous: If one gets loose, it could fall off your bike and cause damage that might put you out of commission for days or weeks—or worse!

Fuel bladders and fuel cells are a better alternative than either gas cans or strapped-on jugs. They attach to your motorcycle’s frame so they won’t fall off when you’re traveling at high speeds; unlike gas cans, they’re stable enough that they won’t spill if they get bumped around by rough road conditions; unlike strapped-on jugs, they’re lightweight enough that they won’t interfere with your balance while riding; finally, unlike both methods above (and others), these two options will stay securely attached even over long periods of time without any danger of falling off due to wear & tear caused by friction between metal parts rubbing against each other over years’ worth of usage!

A good alternative for added peace of mind is a Fuel Bladder or a Fuel Cell.

One of the main reasons people get a fuel cell or fuel bladder is to extend their motorcycle’s range. The more you ride, the more chances you have of running out of gas on the side of the road and having to walk back home—or even worse, having your bike stolen by some opportunistic scumbag looking for a free ride.

A good alternative for added peace of mind is a Fuel Bladder or a Fuel Cell. While both options carry about two gallons of extra fuel with them (depending on which brand you purchase), they have different benefits depending on your particular needs:

Fuel bladders are convenient because they are portable and easy to install; however, if one breaks while transporting it could cause an accident due to leaking gasoline onto your clothes or shoes! They also won’t last as long since they’re not as secure as other types like those made by companies like MaxMotoRacing who use reinforced materials when making theirs so that they don’t crack during trips across rough terrain such as dirt roads where rocks can puncture holes in plastic tanks easily.”

What are the differences between a Fuel Bladder and Fuel Cell?

You might be wondering, what’s the difference between a Fuel Bladder and a Fuel Cell? Well, it depends on your needs. A fuel bladder is more durable and carries more gas than a fuel cell (usually around 30 liters or 8 gallons). It can also be installed in any type of motorcycle whereas a fuel cell has to be installed in a specific place on your bike. But keep in mind that installing it yourself isn’t always easy; you may have to get the help of an expert mechanic who knows how to install different types of tanks and tubes on motorcycles. On the other hand, if you just want something light-weight and compact for short trips, then getting a compact tank like this one from K&N is better suited for your needs since they offer smaller models which can easily fit into almost any space available on most bikes.

Fuel Bladders

Fuel bladders are flexible and can be wrapped around the gas tank, making them a great option for riders who want to extend their fuel range without adding extra weight. They’re easy to install or remove in seconds, which makes them ideal for riders who are constantly on the move and don’t have time to stop at a gas station every time they run out of fuel.

Fuel Bladders are made of high quality materials that are resistant to punctures and abrasion, so they’ll last long enough (about 15 years) before needing replacement.

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are the middle ground between Fuel Bladders and a full tank of gas. They’re more expensive than bladders, but more convenient to carry around, and they offer extra security over traditional fuel sources.

Fuel cells have their drawbacks—they aren’t as readily available as other sources of fuel, for example—but they can really help extend your motorcycle adventures by giving you more range than ever before.

For longer trips and secure transport of extra fuel, consider a Fuel Bladder or a Fuel Cell.

For longer trips and secure transport of extra fuel, consider a Fuel Bladder or a Fuel Cell. These storage systems are designed to be mounted on the motorcycle and can be filled at any gas station.

Fuel bladders consist of two metal tanks that are joined by plastic tubing, which allows fuel to flow from one tank to another and back again. Though they’re not as robust as Fuel Cells, they’re more affordable—and no less effective at adding range and flexibility to your motorcycle trip.


Don’t let the lack of extra fuel stop you from enjoying the open road. Fuel Bladders and Fuel Cells provide easy and safe ways to carry extra fuel for longer trips, or for peace of mind when riding.

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